RelayPlay - Yoga + Reiki + Sound Healing Class
Through the medicine of yoga we release toxic mental patterns to gain mastery over the body & mind. Best way to start Sunday!

About this event

We meet at Jacaranda & Upas Street at Morley Field. Class begins with an oracle card and a mudra to help heighten your experience in class. A variety of different spiritual healing instruments are played during class to push any negative vibrations from the body. Together we practice a holistic process of yoga poses to naturally achieve mastery over the body & bring you to a state of health, joy & bliss. We take the physical form beyond it’s limitations so that no matter what’s happening around you, you can feel at ease. Class closes with an extended savasana, sound healing and reiki to leave you radiating with an energetic vibration of optimal health.

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    • Start Date
      May, Sunday 16, 2021
    • End Date
      May, Sunday 16, 2021
    • Time
      10:00am - 11:15am
    • Price
    • Address
      Morley Field Drive (Jacaranda & Upas Street), San Diego, CA
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