RelayPlay - Walk The Block: Barrio Logan
Logan Heights is a historical and cultural landmark of Mexican-American heritage. Due to many factors, the community and its businesses which are predominantly Latinx, has been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. This is especially concerning to the community and neighborhood as it could have the potential to accelerate the process of gentrification it has been fighting for many years if businesses have to close and families lose their homes. In an effort to continue to hold space for brown owned establishments and communities, we have come together and used the tools the City of San Diego has designed to help businesses survive the Pandemic. We have moved our businesses outside every Saturday so that we can safely operate and follow city health guidelines. Come see us and help us keep Logan Heights the cultural landmark it is!

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    • Start Date
      Mar, Saturday 06, 2021
    • End Date
      Aug, Friday 05, 2022
    • Time
      12:00pm - 6:00pm
    • Price
    • Address
      2113 Logan Avenue San Diego, CA 92113
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