RelayPlay - Thinkful Webinar | Data Analytics: Diving Into SQL Joins

Looking to advance your foundational SQL skills? Join us as we continue building from the Intro to SQL for Data Analytics webinar and take a detailed look at how to combine data from multiple tables.

Every data analyst knows the importance of SQL in the data analytics pipeline, but you’re going to need more than just the basics to be successful in an analytics team. In this workshop, we’ll continue building from the foundations covered in Intro to SQL for Data Analytics and will take a more detailed look at how to use SQL joins to put together data from multiple tables.
We’ll learn the difference between various join types, how to implement them in SQL, and will get our hands on some practical, interactive examples. If you’re not sure about what SQL is or how to access information from a single table, those can be helpful topics to brush up on before this session!
What you will learn:
How to work with multiple tables in SQL
The different JOIN types in SQL
Hands-on practice for SQL queries
And so much more…

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      Oct, Thursday 08, 2020
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      Oct, Thursday 08, 2020
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      6:00pm - 7:30pm
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      Thinkful Webinar Online San Diego, CA United States
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