RelayPlay - Sushi Tadakoro

Preparing the best of Traditional Japanese (Edo-mae) Style sushi using home made ingredients and recipes. Everything is prepared using the best of local and seasonal ingredients from around the world. Behind every meal is hours of careful preparation using skills and techniques acquired over the years. Make reservation to Sushi Bar and experience the taste of what traditional style Japanese sushi is all about. We are located in a small place in San Diego Old Town, so only limited seats are available.


Located off the beaten path, this mini counter has been a mighty hit since throwing open its doors. Inside, servers move about with quiet efficiency as soft jazz plays in the background. Guests are in good hands here, as Chef/owner Tadakoro and young chef, Tatsuro Tsuchiya take great pleasure in providing a delightful dining experience.


Attention to detail is a hallmark, as seen in homemade sauces, prime ingredients, and the fish of the day resting in a wood box. Omakase is the way to go, especially if it includes meaty oysters from British Columbia or succulent scallops from Hokkaido. A mix of sea urchin from California and Hokkaido topped with ikura eggs hits all the right notes; just as golden eye snapper with a thin veil of kombu is an umami thrill.


I highly recommend making reservations.

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    • Start Date
      May, Saturday 22, 2021
    • End Date
      May, Thursday 22, 2025
    • Time
      11:30am - 10:00pm
    • Price
    • Address
      2244 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110
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