RelayPlay - Surfing with a Cali Bro for Beginners


Phone/Text: 207-239-1987



*Receive 20% off on a 1.5 hour class by mentioning RelayPlay when reaching out to Andrew.

*Ask Andrew to practice on a more preferred beach and he will accommodate specially for you as a RelayPlay member.

The beautiful & vibrant coast of Coronado Beach will serve as your area to experience the sport of surfing. You will first begin by meeting me on the beach with a great attitude and the willingness to learn. I will provide a 8ft Soft Top Wavestorm and a Wetsuit that fits your body composition. We will begin in the interaction stage, where I will develop a better understanding of your previous experience, desired learning style, and go over any questions you may have before we start the learning process. We will begin by getting you fitted into a wetsuit of your choice. (10 mins) To change, you will use the public bathrooms provided at Coronado Beach. Once changed, We will then start the teaching process by going over safety hazards, proper etiquette, and formal technique on the sand. (10 mins) Once you are comfortable and understand the first stage of learning on the sand, we will then transition into the ocean. Once in the ocean, we will begin in shallow water by implementing what you learned on the sand, to live action. (20 mins -) This will include demonstrating your ability to properly paddle, gain momentum with the wave, and properly stand up. We will remain in the shallow water practicing the basic fundamentals until you are comfortable and have demonstrated that you are ready to progress into deeper waters. We will conclude the experience after 60+ mins in the water.



    event Detail
    • Start Date
      Jan, Monday 25, 2021
    • End Date
      Jan, Monday 27, 2025
    • Time
      8:00am - 4:30pm
    • Price
      $39 (Discount Applied)
    • Address
      Coronado Beach