RelayPlay - Jungle Aquascape Workshop
Looking for a fun and interactive hands-on ‘Jungle Tank’ aquascaping workshop?
Each guest gets to build along with the instructor (includes rimless tank, substrate, hardscape & plants). Get your hands wet and learn directly with us as we show you all the proper steps on how to aquascape a new planted tank. The tank and all the aquascape materials + plants are yours to keep after the workshop!

Jungle Aquascapes are minimalistic and an easy to maintain planted tank style that won’t discourage you from getting into the aquascape hobby.  The plants are easy to care for and don’t require high light or fertilizer and without the need for excess trimming, hence the “jungle” appearance as they grow very robust!

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    • Start Date
      Mar, Sunday 14, 2021
    • End Date
      Mar, Sunday 14, 2021
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      2690 Historic Decatur Rd, Suite 104 Liberty Station - Barracks 19 Art Center Building San Diego, CA 92106
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