RelayPlay - About Us

How it Works?

1. Create a profile
Share your email and zip code, so you can see the best recommendations for your area.

2. Check out the top weekend recommendations
You can see the top experiences every week with details from our local experts to enhance the weekend.

3. Have Fun
With all of the planning taken care of, you can focus more of your time on the fun or your outfit.

4. Give us feedback, so we can make every week better
You can give us feedback on the events by selecting 1-5 stars. Giving us feedback helps us recommend better experiences in the future.

Why is RelayPlay right for you?

1. You need help planning your weekends or date nights
2. You always miss out on available tickets
3. You don’t find out about events until its too late
4. You don’t have a lot of time to sort through irrelevant activities
5. You’re new to a city or think you’ve seen everything that your city has to offer


How does RelayPlay find the best experiences?

1. Our Local Experts curate the top experiences happening every weekend.

2. They provide personal tips and tricks to make your weekend more enjoyable.

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